Achieve True-To-Life Results With Flame | October 2022 Update

Hey Logik,

A new update to Flame is here!

Achieve true-to-life results with latest support for high-end camera formats, Animation Editor workflow refinements & over 30 feedback requests to keep you running with the big dogs :dog:.

Learn more:
Flame 2023.2 Release Notes
Flame 2023.2 What’s New
Flame Timeline


On the ADSK website, there are no Updates and the full product listing is broken. See attached.

Nevermind… the updates are now showing.

Nevermind, the never mind… still broken when I click download.

Hi Alan,

The system is currently refreshing and this takes a small amount of time while Flame 2023.2 is becoming active.

It should be working soon but please contact us if it does not refresh for you by the end of the day.

Many thanks for your patience.

Kind Regards


this is great. thx

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