Add Matte not working in 2024.2

I’m trying to replace a clip on my timeline with one that has a matte rendered out from my batch. When I go to “Add Matte” on the timeline strip and select “add matte” it gives me the matte picker. However, regardless of the rendered matte I click on, nothing happens. No matte container, no matted footage, nothing. Has anyone else run in to this? Am I just not doing this right? Any ideas?

I haven’t seen that, but one workaround could be to put a BFX on the clip in TL, then in the BFX add your matte clip and connect that to the BFX matte out.

Switch to rendering a multi channel render node, and then drag and drop the resulting segment on top and turning on the comp node in the timeline segment, and you should be good.

Sounds like you’re trying to go with the old-school RGB container and if you can’t add a RGB of a RGB container, then perhaps you’re trying to perform hot key editorial functions and it’s expecting the same number of RGB and a alpha channels in both the source and destination, but it’s not the case.

I think.

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What he says. If you are rendering a matte out in batch, it requires nearly no extra effort to attach the front to your render node and render out as a multi-channel. The benefits of a clip with embedded alpha extend way beyond that of an old skool container.

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I’m rendering using the good 'ol Render node in RGB-A with the front and matte piped in to it giving me two files, front and matte.

If I’m reading it right, and there’s a good chance that I’m not, if I switch to multichannel rendering of the same batch it will still give me the output of the two files, just with less headache and it will actually work correctly? Is that the gist?

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It’ll be a single clip with an embedded alpha. Enable the comp button on the timeline et viola.

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