Matte Container and Connected Conform

Hola all,
quick question:
Is it possible to have a matte container which includes a segment connected BG, which will automatically update when i update this shot in my source sequence?

1k thx in advance!

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Everything within a container will respect the connected segment, however containers themselves are not connectable. Not exactly sure what you are doing, but the prefered workflow these days is to use multi channel clips. They are way more versatile and efficient. That doesn’t mean, of course, that the container doesn’t still have it’s uses, but matte containers, much less so.

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thx for the quick answer.
i’ve got a mov which contains a log BG and my matte. It’s imported as a MultiChannelClip.
now, this mov has to be color graded in davinci and comes back to me without the matte.
What’s the sweetest way to get this CC-BG back in my Connected Conform Workflow or into my MultiChannelClip?

as far as i notice, a matte container doesn’t respect the segment connections… and smart replacing the MultiChannelClip with the CC-BG will overwrite the Matte…

I’m not 100% sure, but I think if you apply a BFX to the original clip (which should be a connected segment, then inside the bfx, duplicate the clip and connect the matte output from the duplicate to the render node, and the image from the original, then when you replace the image on the timeline it should keep the original matte. I’m sort of guessing and this may be a bit convoluted, so you might want to experiment. Bear in mind, I’m only guessing.

How many of these do you need to do?

there are only 6 edits which contain this matte-container… so no big deal…
was think of how to improve the workflow.

i will test the bfx method. thx for the tip!

btw, it’s 2022.1 on centos 7.6

so, draging the source-segment-connected clip into the bfx -breaks- the connection… :confused:

it actually works this way!! yippieh!!
funny thing is, the this “∞” - chain symbol, indicating connected conform, is neither shown on the timeline segment with the BFX nor inside the BFX…

if i right-click on the segment in my source-sequence → “jump to connected segment” these BFXs, which are containing the connected segment, are not listed.

…but it seems to work like this!


but if your bfx is a connected segment, you can update the bfx and it will ripple the change through all of them.

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Thx Tim! :+1::muscle:

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