Adobe firefly / borris fx

So while flame 2025 is going to be super convenient in that i no longer need nuke to do my stmaps and grids, i wouldn’t say these are features that get me real excited. And like it or not we are Flame competes with adobe, blackmagic, the foundry and needs to continue to be innovative to stay relative in this landscape as new tools are continually hitting the market. I understand that flame is nowadays late to the party for new features and very calculated when they dive in to find a workflow that suits us all, but to not have any hint of more recent AI tools being implemented is surprising. Even if we just had the machine learning TW built in would have been a nice addition.

and while we did have machine learning very early on - i’m surprised to not see more public development of it in recent releases or more refinement of it so that its even stronger moving forward. Its very flame like to get the feature and then park on it for a while before visiting it again.

with adobes announcement today its hard to argue that change is coming to the landscape and like i previously had to use nuke for stmaps - i hope i don’t have to turn elsewhere for too long when i need to prototype some sort of AI fill for too long.


or ever!