Alembic/FBX animation not coming into Flame

Hi All,

Received an animated alembic cycled, of which works fine in Blender, but I am failing to get any of the animation running in Flame. I’ve also baked this in Blender and re-rendered alembic and .fbx to no avail. Would to hear your thoughts and suggestions!



Hey Beren,

Alembic I believe carries vertex animation and not the actual axis hierarchy as far as I remember. FBX doesn’t even carry that into Flame. Make sure your animation and your keys are in the same range when using Alembic.

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Could it be not looking through the camera in action? Or are there key frames but they are a thousand frames ahead and having to slip key frames a thousand frames back?

Ah Sinan you legend, of course. Animation starting from frame 1001 - have now offset it in Flame and working fine. So simple but alas over my head! This has resolved it for me perfectly.

thanks once again!

All now sorted, thank you! I had however checked the cameras and unfortunately it wasn’t the case. A simple animation timing offset was what I was in need of. Thanks for your suggestions to help as well!

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