Animated default fbx

Hi. There.
Does that ring a bell to any of you?
There use to be in flame the possibility when importing FBX from the default folder to find a few FBX that where animated (for exemple, I remember a plane exploding in e few pieces.) There was I think a slider to control the animation… I can’t seem to find it anymore. Is it still there and what am I missing?

A plane or an airplane :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: ?

I think the plane exploding was a particle preset. Try dragging the preset node in to your action schematic and selecting particle presets

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Thx. I’ll try that in about 1 hour… hope it is that…

I’ve tried and it might be interesting but it’s definitely not what I remembered.
There must be something else… I’ll keep looking into that

You can put a particle generator on any surface and set it to explode :thinking:

As far as the 3D model goes, I think it is the GlassShards fbx under the PBS_QUADS folder you’re looking for. But fbx doesn’t carry animation sliders, alembic does however…

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Haven’t finally found a way to animate the glass chunks automatically. Had to animate manually each one… :frowning: