Anamorphic lens flares

Hi there,

Does anybody know if there’s a good source for anamorphic lens flare presets for either Sapphire or Action?
Need to add a few and looking for a better starting point than the default presets to match the real ones.

Or did anybody manage to get Trapcode running in flame? :grimacing:

Thanks <3

There are a couple in action. Also @andy_dill renderdome world champion ™️ is bit of a wizard at the action ones.

The ones in Action are a good match if your footage was shot on one of the modeled lenses. I once had a shot where I needed to put a matte painting into a shot where they’d shot into the setting sun. I camera tracked it, and then on a lark threw the Hawk 65 flare onto a light I’d hung off the point the tracker found for the sun. The Action flare bits matched almost perfectly with the filmed ones. I think I had to fatten one of them up a bit, but it all Just Worked™. I felt like Bill Ennis doing an NAB demo! Of course, the client then asked if we could remove the lens flare completely…

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