Some Lens Flares, for you

Here are six lens flares I’ve built in flame. Also feel free to ask lens-flare type questions in this thread. I like building them and have a decent grasp on how to make the Flame Flares do what you might want.

They’re all built in ACEScg, so convert your images to linear. (182.2 KB)

copy them into

/opt/Autodesk/presets/flame version/lensflare/presets/

bonus: if you replace the “Default.lensFlare” file with a different one–I renamed my “nicer default” for example–that’ll be the flare you get every time you pick a lens flare from the action bin.


Dumb question. How do I install these?

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Thanks @andy_dill

@randy You can load them by selecting preset in action and then selecting lens flare.

The question is how do you save them like this. I have a very nice spacey one that I have but my preset won’t upload. It is 21Mb :frowning:

Amazing thanks! Straight in my user bin.

Massive thank you for sharing!

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Is Blue Steel on there?


Thanks a lot Andy. It’s time consuming to build them when you need it.

I really like the “AnamorphOrange” one.
You have nicerDefault twice Andy.

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Thank you very much @andy_dill!

I’m looking forward to digging in to these.

Many thanks!!!

Oh, Yeah. Should have tidied that up some. I’d saved that one out before I renamed them all. They should be the same.

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I added the instructions to the original post. And if we’re being honest, it would have been “I don’t know, they’re just action setups” until I did a little test to better answer your question today.

They’re just action setups, so they’re tiny. I wonder if adding Matchbox textures makes them bigger in size.

Yeah that’s what has bulked it up I think :+1:

When you save a setup with the viewer visible it should make a proxy image of it for you.

Also hit me up with requests, while I won’t do anything with a deadline for free, I will happily do it for free when I feel like it.

Super cool. Thx man.

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Legend, thanks for sharing Andy.

Have you made any more lens flares @andy_dill ?

Ones that maybe stretch and squeeze when the camera is tracking past a light source?

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Might the sapphire or ls glints or action glares do this?

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Sapphire to a certain extent yes. But it’s lacks the artisanship of Aaaaandy Dill playing around, discovering new ways of refracting light.

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