Anamorphic Shot blur

Hey Guys,
I’m working on an anamorphic shot.
My background bluru doesn’t match shots defocus blur
supervisor’s note: anamorphic show which means your bokeh should be an aspect of .5 instead of 1. This means it would be an oval not a circle due to aperture of an anamorphic camera.
How can I solve this in Flame?

You can un-check “proportional” in any of the blur nodes and then set height to 2 and width to 1. Then re-click proportional and now dial in the amount to match the plate.


Yeah, just make the vertical twice the horizontal so you get tall ovals in the defocused areas.

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And best accomplished in linear space.


Whilst sipping scotch.


Thank you,They explained very well

I tried it and it looks good. Thank you

Also I think if your source material is tagged as anamorphic with the right pixel aspect ratio, it will use the correct blur aspect ratio values when changing values.

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Adding on here…

Using a Blur node for your anamorphic application? Definitely set it to Defocus (instead of the default Gaussian setting).

If you have a good bokeh reference it should be possible to match it nicely using the Sides and Curvature variables along with the kernel’s curve. All of these settings will be exposed after you switch the Blur node’s mode from Gaussian to Defocus.

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@andy_dill ’s preset for circular defocus (built in to node) is particularly good.