Anatomy of a Flame suite

So clients are slowley comming back to sessions, and I am renting out a space to put in a small flame suite,
its nothing crazy just like 24sqm (260sqf).

What would be amazing is to get some inspiration in how your suite - if it has to do with similar size constraints - is setup
This is my first rough layout of where I can imagine stuff to be.
Thats a 55" TV on the wall for reference :slight_smile:

Cheers cant wait to get some jucy Flame-Suite pr0n going here :smiley:


Ooh! Exciting!

Looks nice! That’s a very popular way of setting up suites. My preference is not to have anyone having to look over my head. I’m 190cm tall and having someone looking over my head just feels like I’m in a movie theatre pissing off the few rows of viewers behind me. So, make sure you have a stand in to see if sight lines are working well with a tall human in a chair and a reasonably sized human on a couch.

I’ve always preferred the option to stand/sit shoulder to shoulder with someone whilst we watch the same content. Plus, I can watch them watch the content, which, for me, is far more valuable.

This room is quite similar in size to your rental. Obviously its not a full client attended suite and setup for remote and other purposes but you get the idea. I like media carts.

During the last build out a couple things we wished we did differently, which with a rental is perhaps more an issue than if you owned the space. First, do a light study. If the window faces West/South then prepare for a lot of light coming in. That was something that really used to screw with us and based on the building’s ridiculous policy against window coverings, that’d be something you should look into. Lastly, is noise. That’s a small hard square of a room so be prepared to soften it if presenting audio is ever a concern. I’ve got overboard for variety of other reasons that don’t pertain to your situation, but a small kit with absorption and dampening would go a long way in the general satisfaction of the room’s presentation quality.

Exciting dude! Building a Flame suite is super fun!

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thats looks awesome thank you! interesting to have the TV to the side, I am the same way … 192cm and I worry about them behind me looking up, my last suite I build hat a very different layout, with a free standing desk and I really missed having eye contact with the clients and they where behind my monitors …

I can black out my windows just fine so thats a non issue :slight_smile:

Regarding acoustics, I am allready planning quiet the treatment (pink is broadband and green are diffusor plates and blue are basstraps… i love good acoustics)

really gives me a headache how I can fit my desk, have good client communications and at the same time dont have them look up :stuck_out_tongue: i think Ill play around some more with the placement of things…

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HAHAHAHA why on earth of all people did I not suspect that you had already done a previs for acoustic treatments?

Your plan looks rad. For me, carpet shopping was the worst. Oh! and plan on furniture delivery taking…for…ever…

If memory serves me right, at my last studio we decided to open a new location halfway across the country, ordered some furniture, were able to find a space, negotiate it’s lease, find a dozen staff members willing and able to relocate their entire lives, all before the bloody couches showed up.


I an close to sweden getting furniture is easy (lol).

I know i have a bunch of stuff at home I an going to put in there until stuff arrives, shopping for chairs is the WORST without beign able to test sit them, I kinda want to mix up my aeron life :stuck_out_tongue:


Ya mix up your aeron life and within 6 months you’ll be at the chiropractor regretting your decision!


haha I was thinking trying the new embody or something from steelcase , i like to sometimes cross my legs on my chair and the aeron is hurtin my feet… but maybe thats a good thing haha

getting aeron was lifechanging

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Aerons are a must. Can‘t have too many. I wouldn’t want to have a triple monitor setup in front of me. Find it distracting and somewhat too much radiating. I‘d go the 2 monitor route, with a third client‘s monitor somewhere close to their sofas. Good to have that one on wheels.


good idea to have it on wheels, yea I think I really dont want to have the 3 screen setup… gotts think of better ways might move the room over to the next one which is slightly larger that way I could fit 4 clients and have them look at their own screen …

Had an Aeron but found it uncomfortable, so when i moved job stipulated getting a Mirra as part of the deal (also by Herman Miller). Had it 16yrs now, replaced the seat pan once and the back panel twice but its still the comfiest work seat for long hours in front of the screens.


I hate aeron chairs with a passion. For one thing, if I sit on them deep enough so that I can make use of the back, my feet don’t reach the floor. Also, they are too heavy to roll around easily and the arms get in the way.

yea for me the aeron works nicely. Although its hard to sag i just bought it because I knew it from work… I never had the chance to try other high quality chairs and its incredibly difficult to find a showroom …

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I got rollerblade wheels for my Aerons at home and office; I also have a glass chair mat at home and when I stand up the chair slowly rolls off the back of the mat on its own (floor isn’t totally level apparently!) At the office my room has your typical office carpet and it rolls around fine. Here’s the ones I got, FWIW.

After sitting in Aeron chairs at work and at home for 25 years, we decided to try something else.

Last year we ordered Linq chairs and we love them!

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Oooh. A little more designery. Stylish!

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Which model of Linq chair did you buy?

I got the LQ1000. It’s been over a year and I’m very pleased with it.

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FWIW, I find a 3-screen setup to work great for solo sessions and with clients. Flame UI on left, my close result monitor in the middle, and big screen result on the right. I like being able to look over at “big pixels” on the right when I want, and it’s good for clients as they don’t have to look through my fat head from behind. Some clients also like pulling up an Aeron next to me so we can look closely and they can smudge the screen with grease from lunch.


Lookin’ good GP!! :slight_smile:

@GPM amazing setup. Love the architecture of the house too.