Animating text

Hello friends. I’m on an animating text adventure. I want to animate character by character a line of text. I found a preset that comes very close but I can’t work out how to tweak it to the reference supplied to me from client.
Here’s the ref

So in simple terms I want each letter to zoom and fade in on its’ spot character by character. I can do the blur and reveal with y_lensblur and masking

The closest presets I found to modify were the “behind camera 3d” and “fade in”

With the “3d behind camera” preset I managed to get this far but cannot work out how to put the centre point on each character.

Any help appreciated.

Many thanks

Less than 3 minutes in After Effects.

Thanks Randy but I want a Flame solution

Here you go John (15.7 KB)

Thats perfect! I owe you a beer! Thank you so much. Now to understand how that works. :slight_smile:

Open the two animated channels: scale and transparency and play with the length, position, reverse, etc of those 2 channels. And the time offset.

Thanks. Did you make it from scratch or pick a preset and modify it?

From scratch, I have a hard time understanding how to customise the presets.

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If you need help getting a closer result give me a shout. I have some time to tweak it!

Thanks for the offer. I’ve got it where it needs to be for now. It’s a shame that you can’t blur 3d text in action. I’m using y_lenseblur post animation to do that and it’s working well.