Write in effect

Is it possible to do a long write in (lets say a full letter) in Flame? The 3D Text node has a preset but it seems only usable in a line of text. I need something more “adjustable” as in after effects in terms of changing the format and be able to do changes to the text without it becoming a very difficult effect to do. Thanks

I believe there is a Flamemark shader that does this.

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You are right Sir!!

Long live Flamemark!


@julioleon @ytf Hi chaps - could either of you tell me the name of this flamemark shader you discussed?

I need exactly that effect, but can’t see anything on the flamemark site that looks right.


Can you point me to that discussion? I dont think it was a flamemark thing…

Its at the top of the page we’re on!

I think it is md_messenger but I dont see it neither on his website

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ok – thanks for checking

I never used it. I just remembered it vaguely from a discussion on the old FB page.

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thanks anyway Tim…i have settled on a different approach to the problem now.