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played around with the text tool of Flame 2021, but without amazing results:( No idea if the new Animation Editor of Flame 2023 will improve the situation.

But what I am wondering is that why Autodesk is not releasing a dedicated text tutorial (2D text and 3D text) (for Flame) …

This is not a critique but in contrary it could be a sign that Autodesk is working on the Text tool and therefore does not like to loose time producing a tutorial which will soon be outdated.

How is the chance that the text tool will soon get an update? And are there any text-tool related features-requests pending?

Thank’s a lot!


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Text is so old, particles call it “Grandpa.”


Very few people, myself included, attempt to animate text in the text module. We mostly just use it for typesetting.

Text so old, when it was made, rainbows were black and white.


AE is just unbeatable atm for textanimation, so to upgrade the text tool it would need a lot of features to be more likely to be used. For normal still text it is ok at least

I think the dev team is aware that text module or text functionality is in need of a major overhaul and they are considering what to do about it and how to do it.

You have to keep in mind that new functionality can’t replace old ones without full backwards compatibility. I don’t think it will arrive with 2023.X but we can look forward to it in the future.

In the meantime hit the hivemind up with any specific questions you might have.

I stopped nagging about the text tool when the head of Product Development recommended I try a third party text app. I took that as a sign.



There are a couple of text tutorials that you could use.

The latest is in the Flame Fundamentals - Flame Fundamentals - Adding Basic Titles

There is also a YouTube playlist from the Smoke product which shows the same tools but in slightly more detail. This may also help. - The Text Tool: Titling in Autodesk Smoke - YouTube


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If you have Boris effects and you’re on a Mac you can try the 3d Title Studio plugin located under the 3d objects menu.

and there are lots of editable presets

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