Any Birddog NDI success stories out there?

Hi peeps,

I’ve just been trying to get my BirdDog play to play nicely. But whatever I try, it’ll stutter and loose sync. It’s hooked up almost directly over 1Gbe wired. Funny thing is, my laptop and ipad over wifi show perfectly smooth ndi video…
I was already warned that BirdDog wasn’t great, but I’m stubborn… hah… So really curious to learn ig anybody is using it without hickups!



What are you trying to acheive?

I’m not sure I understand your question? I want to use it to show Flame’s output to the client-tv in my set…

So instead of outputting Broadcast via AJA/BMD, you are trying to do via NDI? Are you trying to stream it to someplace outside the building?

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We used to have Birddog for our NDI and it worked perfect for broadcasting!

Hey Jeroen!

I know.… They’re gone now, aren’t they? :wink:


Ye, not so great indeed. Ask Arjan V for details :slight_smile: