NDI to SDI converter?

Is anyone using the fancy new NDI out option in 2022 with an NDI to SDI converter box to pipe it to a broadcast monitor? I see a lot of SDI to NDI boxes, and a lot of NDI to HDMI, but neither is really what I’m looking for.

Also thank you to whomever set this up, Logik was literally the last thing I was going to Facebook for.


you can download the app on apple tv and let it do it for you as an option.

I have a Bird Dog encoder/decoder and I really like it.

And the Apple TV is a nice way to go if HDMI is an option.

Starting on page 31. The 4K Family. 4K Family – BirdDog

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Which app are you talking about :thinking:

if you search for NDI monitor it pops up I think it was $99 or something like that but it works great thus far if you just need a quick out to the monitor without spending a ton

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I was looking at the Bird dog stuff, I just don’t really need an encoder, just a decoder. It’s good to know it’s solid though as it’s starting to sound like i’m just going to have to get something like that. It’s starting to look like what I’m looking for just doesn’t exist.

Ah. I thought they had one. Magewell makes them.


Ah yes, that’s exactly what i’m looking for, thank you!

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We’ve been thinking of getting some of these to send a stream between offices. One thing I can’t quite seem to figure out is if they’ll accept a 4:4:4 signal. Pretty sure the NDI protocol is limited to 4:2:2 at the moment but I’m curious if the 4K unit will accept that signal and then do its thing.

Yes, I think NDI itself is 4:2:2, and then some of the hardware encoders don’t even support that. Another thing is that I have not seen a hardware NDI encoder that supports multi-channel audio. They all seem to be limited to 2ch stereo. If you really need to go inter-office/long distance, I’d look at different alternatives. UltraGrid, MediaLooks VideoTransport. We do RGB12bit 4:4:4 with 7.1 audio all day long to multiple receivers with no issues.

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We’ve been on the UltraGrid boat for quite some time, all thanks to you Alan. That said, we’ve been curious about BirdDog’s offerings for various reasons so I’m just curious what it can accept.

I’ve been using the NDI out the using the Birddog to encode back to SDI (then into my broadcast OLED Sony) in my suite for the past few months. It’s a test run for all our flames suites and grading suites to switch to NDI routed though the building and not SDi… ,means we can move all the boxes in together (currently not the case). I also took my OLED PVM Sony home and had a look at NDI at home… looks EXCATLY the same as the suite. It’s a good thing.


We use Birddog and Magewell encoders and decoders in our labs and both work well. If you intend to search for very low cost hardware solution on sites like eBay, be careful since some very affordable solution supporting NDI require a software license to enable NDI, which could cost several hundred dollars… Read the fine prints…

Have you seen a hardware SDI->NDI converter that does more than 2ch audio?

I can make some research but before which brands have you had a look at?

Alternative, OBS running on a PC with a BMD card could probably provide multiple audio outputs in the NDI stream from your 3D-SDI input. You will probably need the OBS for musician build which supported up to 32 audio tracks. Let’s say this is a project to fill your free time :wink:

AJA just released a nifty looking box


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Does it come with a Prius?