NDI over VPN

Hey, i’m trying to get the default NDI stream from flame to work over a VPN but all I get is a black window. We can see it playing on NDI Video Monitor in the office and I can see the source listed here at home but all I get is a black window.

It’s playing from an iMac Pro running flame 2022.1, I’m trying to view it on a Mac Pro running the very latest NDI tools (redownloaded this morning) in Catalina. The machine in the office that can see it is a little windows laptop, if that helps.

Any thoughts?

The dataload for NDI is pretty high. It is non-optimal to try and stream 150+mbps. You likely need to transcode that to something more WAN friendly. You can NDI Bridge.

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I had to open NDI Access Manager and switch the Receive Mode to “Single-TCP” and I also typed in the Flame’s local IP address on the External Sources tab. Then I relaunched NDI Video Monitor and had picture. This is running on macOS Monterey with an IKEv2/IPSec VPN to the office.


I’ve seen this, too. Thanks for this solution. I’m going to give it a try tomorrow!

Not sure if it’s a solution for every situation, but that’s what solved it for me. I’m curious to hear if it works for others!

Finally got back around to this. That worked for me! Thanks! Now I just need to figure out the best way to pipe it out to the broadcast.

When I have some more time I’m going to really investigate UltraGrid, my brief stroll through the website showed me that it’s going to take a bit to get my head around.

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@Alan has all the ultragrid knowledge!

Glad NDI over VPN is working for you.

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In case anyone else has been trying to figure this out I bought NDI Outlet off the Mac App Store. It lets you send an NDI stream to a Blackmagic card pretty idiot proof.

Between that and Remote Boost working remote on the office flame from home is nearly identical to actually sitting at the machine in the office. Which is good, because I pretty much never want to commute ever again.