Any tips on Mac 2022 dropping frames on playback?

Troubleshooting new system. MacPro. Radeon 6800x. Big Sur 11.6.1. Flame 2022.1. Internal Promise raid testing ~700MB. Flame reports ~300fps on storage speed tests. Prores 4444, UHD project settings.

Getting ~15 fps playback in both HD and UHD. Playbar changing colors which means dropped frames. Finder plays media fine in QT player. I feel there’s something simple y’all might already know. This is my first Flame on Mac foray.

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I have been having this issue. Look at the video debug. Shift D F13. It will probably say disc speed is Ok but Video GFX is dropping frames. Try several restarts. This will eventually clear it out, but it might take a few attempts. I have opened a case a couple of times over this, no resolution as of yet, the problem is intermittent. For now I leave the machine on when it’s working, because it will be fine until something happens during a reboot.

Yup. Video GFX reporting a ton of drops. Disc speed ok.

Using thunderbolt 3 to monitor? I had this and switching to HDMI worked for me.

I also remember for some reason going into the system preferences and changing the display scale to a smaller number and then back to the original and that seem to wake up the system and fix it.


On my old trash can I had inadvertently changed the refresh rate somehow and that caused all kinds of problems, so maybe check your display settings.

HDMI into older HP Dreamcolor.

You guys are onto something. I swapped display back to default, and things seem to be playing! However now my mac desktop is so tiny I need a magnifying glass. Will continue to mess with. Thank you!

you can upsize the flame UI by going into the flame setup app. Change it to 200%.

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Looks like this was causing the dropframes on playback for me.

I’m on a MacPro (2019 model, 2021 build)

I found one HDMI input on a HP Dreamcolor worked, and the other would drop frames. Now trying an Apple XDR and finding some USB-C ports work and some drop. It’s like Whack-A-Mole.

I’m on a 2019 MacPro as well. I have had this problem intermittently and opened a case a couple of time
s over it. A restart or 2 will generally clear the problem, but then it will crop again in a few days after a restart or a shutdown. In my case, it has not been related to monitor refresh rate, Video debug shows Video GFX dropping many frames, and SSD RAIDs not performing to usual potential (but still fast enough for realtime playback). Once a restart clears the problem, both parameters have plenty of headroom to spare.