Error message in Terminal window

any idea what this error message is i’m seeing in the mac Terminal whilst trying to move around in my comp?

ScheduledFrameCompleted() failed: frame completion result is ‘bmdOutputFrameDisplayedLate’
ScheduledFrameCompleted() failed: frame completion result is ‘bmdOutputFrameDropped’

whatever it is, its seems to be slowing my system down to a crawl.

Hey @Lightningad did you get to the bottom of this? I’m having major slowdowns on my local Linux box, as well as the connected Mac system… I have the same symptoms, one thing that triggers this is playing around with particles. I am on 2021.2 and have an A6000 so wondering if that’s the culprit…

You should contact support about this but that seems related to a Blackmagic card being used for broadcast monitoring having some issues outputting the frame.

Hi Sinan, no, its still happening. I did have support take a look but i think there were other issues causing the main problems i was having, and this specific issue never got mentioned. I do have a Blackmagic Ultrastudio 4k running my broadcast monitor but have never noticed an issue before.

One thing i did do recently was remove google chrome all its constituent bits (the info was on Even though chrome was not running it was causing huge slow downs. I went from having 30s delay from a pen click to flame responding then this happening every time i did anything. Removed everything mentioned in the article and suddenly Flame was reacting instantly…in the same batch that had been running slowly!

If you have ever had chrome installed, even if its not active, try removing it. It can always be reinstalled if that wasn’t the cause.

While not specific to the error here I removed Chrome on my mac system and it nows feels faster.

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