Anyone using Evercast?

Hey there - anyone here using Evercast? I’d love to hear from you about your experience, setup with Flame, etc. I’ve got a Mac Pro and I’m not using a breakout box. Thanks!

What are you trying to achieve?

It seems janky; I want to use Evercast stream my viewing output and not my screen. The way it does the scaling is pretty fussy and not ideal. I was wondering how people using it with a Mac and no extra monitors.

There are lots of alternatives. In the end, Evercast is really OBS with some stuff on top. If you want something simple, try a Magewell USB capture card and Jitsi Meet. That does sort of require a 2nd “stream encoding” machine, but you might be able to get it working on the same machine as your flame. never tried that.

Ah cool. Well Evercast is what my clients are using on an upcoming job so I need to get it working. Up until now it hasn’t been necessary to stream my sessions.

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I’m really enjoying my Blackmagic Atem Mini Pro. I just plug a Thunderbolt to HDMI out of my graphics card on the Mac Pro, and that feeds into the Atem Mini Pro which comes back into my Mac Pro over USB, which can then act like a webcam for Zoom or OBS, and stream to wherever you want. You don’t need the Atem Mini Pro, you can use the Atem Mini as well. Or, like Alan says, the Magewell USB is the cheapest alternative around that does the same thing if that’s all you need it for. It’s like a Blackmagic Web Presenter, but in stock, and is 1080, not 720p.


Like Alan said there are much better alternatives out there for creating an RTMP stream. OBS as mentioned, but then I stumbled across this while playing with Nginx and restreaming:

…and there are a ton of examples of folks piping that output to and rtmp stream Via FFMpeg or avconv hosted on Twitch or YouTubeLive or Vimeo. I tried a few and YouTube’s latency seemed to be the best with Vimeo be abysmal and Twitch being fine but god awfully presented.

Ultimately a little Lenovo M90n with a decent processor costs less than 600 bucks, another 150 for an nvme capture card and you can run all the software required to stream more or less for free.

I do wish Autodesk would take a cue from FilmLight and add an rtmp stream as a possible output so we can skip this silly loop from SDI to capture to stream.

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Holy smokes Evercast is $1,000 a month!

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Now, back to Evercast and it’s seemingly crummy way of resizing screens.

@digitalbanshee so did you get around to using Evercast with those particular clients?

We have been running some test with Evercast and I would love to know how you got on.

Wish I had read this post before. Seems as if no one is using Evercast.

We use Evercast. It is expensive. It is not color accurate. We had to turn the capture rate down to 24 because it was dropping frames. But it is still the best option for web based that I know.

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Not using it!

The only reason Evercast was investigated was because the studio I was working with wanted to use it and sent me all the gear. We never got it working and I ended up sharing my screen the usual way with Google Meet and the clients were totally happy with it.