Apply clone-brush retouches to all frames of a segment


need to make some image cleanup with the clone brush. The final result should be applied to all
frames of the segment.

But I am doing something wrong because the whole cloning process is continously applied.
So every frame looks slightly different. That was not the goal.

Any ideas what I am doing wrong (pls check the screen record)?

Thank you!


If you are wanting to paint the first frame, and apply just that to the entire clip, you don’t want to use auto paint as you are now. Take the clip into batch, and use the paint node. Set the paint mode to what you need, clone, colour, etc. Under the Range tab, change it from Cur Frame to sequence, and this will apply your strokes from the first frame to all at the same time.

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Thank you very much dcrites for your advice to use batch paint. Asap I will have some basic knowledge about Batch, I am going to try it in Batch :slight_smile: