Clone Brush


Need to remove a small dirt in an image sequence. In the tut "Batch Paint - Part 1 - 32-bit support, paint tools.mp4 it’s nicely shown how to use brushes. Unfortunately I am not yet able to set up a Batch semantic :frowning:

Is the Clone brush not as well available in “Effects” or “Tools”?



I am not sure why you are not able to set up a Batch Group but both Clone and Recursive Clone are accessible from the Desktop Paint module.

  • The Clone button is accessible directly under the Paint Mode section
  • Recursive Clone is accessible from a drop down menu when you select Custom under the same section

Thanks for the help! What I do not yet understand is, how to select the “source-region” to be cloned to the destination area…

You should try ctrl-clicking to adjust the source-destination offset.