Trimming shots

I have around 150 shots in for a major new TV show.
They were all delivered with 16 frame handles, however we have now been told we can work on 8 frame handles.
All the work is being done in batch, not timeline, is there any way I can globally trim all my head and tail handles by 8 frames?
Or do I need to do it shot by shot?

Splice all the clips into a single timeline. With ripple on, select all the segments, then select all the in points with Meta+left arrow and trim 8 frames. (I would just tap the trim key 8 times) then select all the segments again and select all the outs with Meta+right arrow. trim 8 frames. select all segments and consolidate handles to zero, then select all and hit match. I may have a couple of things backwards since i use smoke keys and I tried to describe the process using flame keys.


You could test this script: (12.3 KB)

Make sure the trim tool is active and select all of shots. Then look for Shots → Remove Handles UI. I tweaked it for this specific case.


Thanks John, I’ll check it out tomorrow.

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Wow, that is a fantastic tool!
I love the fact that they don’t need to be spliced together.
Thanks John!

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Awesome! Glad that worked for you.