Apply mask

I have a question, how do I use a previously created mask (Gmask) in action on an image distorted in action by extended bicubic.

The mask will not follow the extended bicubic if that’s what you are asking.
I’d do gmask tracer pre your action with the extended bicubic then your matte will move with the deformation.


no, it is a new background that has been tracked and adapted to the video via extended bicubic, since you can see the background through a closed window, this is rotoscoped and the background should be used there and blured separately. The background however needs the same distortion so that they match perfectly. I am open about any tips I can also have a mistake.

Thanks for the feedback!

Maybe feed the matte into the same action. But just the matte as the front, duplicate the bicubic u have already done and apply the matte only to the new bicubic. Then add a new output to action make it just your matte with the bicubic. And rejig after the action for the layering to work