Gmask Tracer - Affect Masks but not input matte

I’m in the camp already of Gmask Tracer needs some updated tools / blending modes. I’m trying to figure out this one now…

I have a Gmask Tracer with an incoming matte that I am adding to. I have a circle mask that is white, I want to add a mask that takes away some of that circle, but does not affect the incoming matte. How?

The only way I can do this now is to Screen/Comp the Gmask Tracer with the other matte in a node after the Gmask Tracer. Can you do this inside the one Gmask Tracer?

Pipe the original matte into both the front and the matte input. For the mask that you want to effect the other mask, but not the matte, go to tracer and add pickers. View with F8: put the green picker on the input matte (white) and the red one on black. View result. Make sure Rendering is enabled in the tracer.

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Thanks. Makes sense. Kinda a long workaround though.

Long? It takes like 2 seconds. Maybe 4 if you’re not in a rush.