Applying multiple diffuse maps to same .obj

Some scans (LiDAR or Nerf) when exported will export multiple images (PNG of jpeg) for UV texturing, in addition to the exported mesh (obj, fbx etc)

Has anyone figured out how to coherently apply the whole set of map_kd images to a Geo? It seems that one Geo will only accept a single Diffuse Map at a time in Flame 2022.1 whereas I’ve got about 30 for a low poly, and 10x for a high poly export.

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Hey @Ben_R welcome to the forum.

Which LIDAR software are we talking about? I have used simple ones that run on iOS and they exported a single jpeg for diffuse texture. It was sort of mangled, but apparently so were the UVs of the exported geometry so it mapped fine.

Do you have more than one diffuse texture? That is not possible to work in Flame as far as I know.

Internet says map_kd files can relate to other mapping types like reflectance, spectral (?), etc… Some of them can be used with Substance/PBR workflow.

Check out this video also @Lightningad has lots of experience with 3D shading in Flame…

Thanks Sinan. Various app based scanners like 3D Scanner, Polycam and Luma.
I’m still not sure why it exports so many square texture maps per scan though. I’ll check out whether those images work as any other kind of map, but they do feel like diffuse textures to me.
It may be that I have to stick to Maya or Blender, or maybe Nuke handles it all better.
Good video - that Stefan knows a thing or two.

I’ve had it where a few geos come out with different textures. It was a mess until we switched on z depth sort.

Sorry…i’ve not had to use multiple textures on single objects, and the UV stuff baffles me!