UV Unwrapping from CGI Model?

Hi All.
I have a job where it would be life changer to be able to unwrap UV from a tracked 3D object.
I’ll explain more. A 3D model of a human face has been tracked to match a live footage in Nuke, in order to make a bunch of modifications to that human face.
I’ve been provided with the Alembic of the 3D model and would like to be able to unwrap the texture of the face using the UV from the model.
I know I can ask Nuke guys to do that for me but, we have a looooooot of shots to work on and I would like to have the opportunity to do it myself directly in flame. (So I could work on the unwrapped image and re apply it on the model later).

Is there a way to do that in flame (I don’t think Logik is full resources… :slight_smile: ) and if not,

would there be a way to write a matchbox to do so? It should be very possible to reposition very pixel from the 3D model UV at the right place of the unwrapped flat at is destination position based on there rib color values shouldn’t it?

If anyone feels smart enough to do such a matchbox, it would be sooooo great!!!

Thx everyone.

Not possible in Flame. Nuke uses a special rendering mode for such a workflow. Writing a matchbox would also not be an option here - Action renderer update would be needed.

what a sad sad news!!!

This is entirely possible. @cnoellert figured it out and posted a setup. I will find the thread.

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Send him all the beers. It works great!

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OMG!!! It is so exactly what I had in mind… Amazing setup. Thank you so much…

Then, I once again think that it might be very possible to write a matchbox to automate that process.