Archive as ProRes422 proxy

So, I’m about to send out material to be worked on remotely. Having 60-70 layers I want to send out an archive in 422proxy, as the keying with low bandwidth material seems to look OK.

I create a new project with ProRes422proxy as the “preferred format” but the archive doesn’t care about this setting and wants to go big on me. The proxy material is 15GB in total and with only 8 layers I’m at 120GB.

Is it not possible to cache and archive as proxy?


Not that I’ve ever done it this way but if you published out everything unmanaged to the desired format with batches, you could then tar and zip up the full unmanaged publish and send that instead.

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Correct. Flame’s always going to treat all media as completely uncompressed when archiving. Chris’ plan is the way to go. I will say, I always just do the lazy thing and write out some huge archive.

Compress the flame archive after. On a decent machine 100gigs takes an hour, and saves between 40-80%. Use Keka. Make 700mb chunks of 7z.


Again, this is where something resembling a shotgun, open-clip, pattern browsing kind of workflow comes in handy.
Storing stuff in a local framestore that isn’t a cache from a network file system just seems like the old days.
And I know I’m a broken record because I’ve been saying that since the old days.

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Thanks for the input guys. The clips were soft imported so I archived without caching source media and sent just the bfx. Sent over all the source clips as ProRes422_proxy (13 GB).

By the way, the 4K/UHD 422proxy files are pretty good for offline and easy to replace when going online.