Proxy problems or user stupidity?

I’ll start by admitting to almost never having had to use a proxy, so i am a bit in the dark what they do…but i am currently having to recut some tvc’s sent to me as UHD(3840x2160) ProRes 422HQ files.

I am having big problems playing these files back on the timeline, even when fully rendered. lame plays about 1 sec then freezes and stutters. The audio will playback correctly but the video is lagging behind.

I decided to try Proxies, and set my proxy settings to be ProRes422 Proxy/EXR, Lanczos, Proxy 1/2, width >960. Then selected everything in the timeline and told Flame to Generate Proxies, which i think it did…the media panel shows a column for Proxy resolution next to the files and shows 1920x1080.

On the timeline, with Player window selected, I have switched the resolution from Full to Proxy,the orange frame appears around the viewer window to indicate proxies are in use yet when i press play i get exactly the same stuttering and freezing playback, and no reduction in image size like i would have expected with the proxies.

I have noticed something that may be relevant:-

my workflow for these cutdowns is to load the clean video track and the graphics layer onto a timeline, then subclip the lot - adding a cut at every shot change. Then duplicate the timeline and use that to re-order shots or remove certain ones.

If i playback the uncut tracks - perfect (even without a render)
if i playback a cut track - perfect
if i playback a cut track and a shot has been moved - Flame can’t handle that and freezes after a second.

I have just realised the render button has additional options for rendering proxy and full rez versions, so will be trying that next to see if things are more usable.

apologies if this is a bit rambling - i’m troubleshooting as i go and just thought these points might help someone else in the future (maybe even me, when i forget what i did!)

Uncached? Cache it.

i’m still waiting to hear from the boss if i can have the funds to add an nvme card with all those nice little ssd cachey things!

At the moment if i cache stuff it just gets cached to the same raid thats already holding all the rushes, so will still have the bottle neck.

having said that - the thing i mentioned near the end where i said i just found the options for rendering full and proxy versions seems to have been the cure i needed.

A fiver says even caching it to the same drive would fix it. Randomly accessing different bits of an unmanaged QuickTime sounds like the culprit to me based on your diagnosis.

i think i did try that last thing yesterday and forgot to do it to the next sequence this morning!

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Yup. Rendering creates newly managed media.