Archive read only button

The open read only button disappeared many moons ago however, right now I wish we still had it. Anyone else?

What are the advantages of that?

So it doesn’t waste time writing an OTOC when you’re just restoring stuff from an old archive.

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I still have it on my Linux 2020.3. I pressed it by mistake the other day.
It appears to be absent from the iMac 2020.3.1. I honestly have been wondering why it seems to come and go @johnt

I’ll endeavour to pay more attention today and get back to you.

Really. Can you take a picture?

Isn’t that what the Generate OTC button is for?

Can you show us a picture? I cant see these.

This is 2020.3. I’ve never actually paid much attention to the Generate OTC button. I just assumed that’s what it was for. I always leave mine on.


Yep it is still there on Linux 2020.3 but it skips this step on the iMac 2020.3.1. Same archive … mmmmm

The archives open real slow even when read only. Will try the otoc button tomorrow. There had to be a better way.

Because 2020.3.1 cannot write to the older archive , it can only read…right?

Nope. both 2020.3 and 2020.3.1 can open and read write.

Interestingly enough, I haven’t seen this in forever. Maybe because I’m a single seat system?

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