"Archive or Library is read only" (error message during archiving)


some days after after creating Flame archves and pressing ‘Archive(*)’ the following error message is shortly shown before the archive process is terminated:

“Archive or Library is read only” (see screenshot)

(independently whether the libraries to be archived are selected manually with drag/drop or the tab 'Archive Project is pressed)

Since creating an archive was working in the past I was very surprised… Than it came into
my mind that i was experimenting with the command ‘vic’ in order to release unsused storage
space after deleting projects.

Is it possible that ‘vic’ did harm my Flamestore?

Thank you in advance for any feedback!


I used the following commands/steps:

/opt/Autodesk/io/bin/vic -af

  • Temporary Libraries → clear all
  • Thumnail Cache → clear all
  • Force Purge

/opt/Autodesk/io/bin/vic -v stonefs7
/opt/Autodesk/io/bin/vstat -v stonefs7 -l


Have you recently updated the OS?

New archives stuck as “read only”

Thank you very much for the help? No, I am still using Catalina and Flame 2021.2.

I am now going to try everthing what is suggested in thread “New archives stuck as “read only”
and will let you know what’s happend.


Adding Flame to the Applications with “Full Disk Access” and “Input Monitoring” did solve the
problem with “Archive or Library is read only” :slight_smile:

Thank you very much for your help!!


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Thank you for sharing this info here

Hell joe99!

is this the first time you archive content with Flame 2021.2?

As a rule of thumb, every time you install a new version of our products, make sure Flame and its services are enabled in the Security & Privacy sub menus to avoid access issues like you got. macOS wants to protect you and, well, sometimes, it causes challenges like this one.

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Back in 2021 I was able the first time to archive a project, but last week not anymore.
Even though the settings in Security & Privacy are stil the same as well the access permissions
of the (new) target folder ()

I remembered that after a Catalina security update, the Wacom-tabled did not work anymore and it had to be reinstalled with a new Wacom driver. But had no idea if this fact was relevant for the actual situation.

Surprisingly nevertheless of the error message “Archive or Library is read only” , Flame was able to write/export two/2 files to the target folder.

In the following thread, its recommended to give DLmpd as well Fulldisk Access, so I tried this as well and voila it did work :slight_smile:
Caching: 2020.3 with Backburner 2021.0.0 on Catalina - Logik Forums

But now it becomes even more funny, after removing Fulldisk Access for DLmpd, Archiving is still working properly. Really don’t know whats going on …

I do know that its time to update the macOS and Flame, but I know as well that sometimes it’s adviseable not to touch a running system :slight_smile:

PS 2:
In other threads it’s recommended to activate “ignore permissions”, but I was unable to find this option.