TOC Probs

Hi All,

Got this error when opening an archive this morning.

“Warning: header expansion failed. Select online TOC?”

I got the TOC from the person who created the archive, but are there any tricks for getting this open if the TOC isn’t available?


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How’d they get the archive and OTOC to you? Lemme guess…FTP?

Oh yeah.

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So, I always forget which one it is, but, whenever I transfer archives via FTP using FileZilla, the OTOCs get messed with because they need either ASCII or Binary transfer type. I always forget which one, but, its the other one if it doesn’t work.

Because of this, whenever Im sharing archives NOT via aspera or massive or there other common media transfer services, I include a zipped or tarred copy of the OTOCs cuz this is like the top 3 reasons to get screwed when sharing archives.

Pro tip: this is how fonts get fecked up too.


Wow, good to know. Thanks Randy!

In my paranoic protocol for archives, I always do two things with the archives: keep a compressed copy file of otoc folder, and keep a compressed copy of the header file, previous to any kind of copy process (via usb, lan, internet …whatever). Inmediatily after finish the archive. This has saved my ass of corrupted archives many times.


This is a tricky but very important thing to keep in mind. It could mean hours of futzing around to get it work

gotcha, yeah I’ll need to start doing this as well. thanks for the tip!