Archiving projects containing LUTs

I searched here on the forum for this information, but I didn’t find anything related.
When creating a Flame archive, the loaded LUTs in the “Color Management” node are not saved along with it —the path of where the LUT is or its name is not saved either.
Am I doing something wrong?
How do you handle archiving projects that contain LUTs?
Any tips?
Wouldn’t it be important to implement the possibility of archiving LUTs?
Thank you!

LUT and externally referenced files are referenced in the archive. If you want LUT (or external any files) to be archived, you should put the file in the LUT folder of your project OR create a Colour Space referencing the LUT. I would use the first option since it is easier to manage.

Thank you for responding, Stephanie. Often, I am required to archive part of the project instead of the entire project. Consequently, I select certain desktops to archive. In this case, archiving parts of the project wouldn’t include the LUTs, right? So, I would have to manually save the “LUT” folder of the project along with the archive. Does that make sense? Thank you!

In this case, just use the Colour Management / Custom mode to create a colour space from your LUT and the content will be archived with the LUT.

Let me know

Is there any reason why the LUT is not be saved if used in the Colour Management node and not manually saved? Seems like such a small file.

Yes, definitely! That would be much simpler. I have a project with 24 different LUTs for various scenes. To archive it properly, I’ll have to create a colorspace for each one…

The issue is not related to file size. It is related to referenced content which might change over time. It might not be your case but this is a rule we have followed many versions ago. Drop the LUTs in your project folder and archive content and setups and you will be good to go.

It’s absolutely insane not to have Luts being loaded in to a batch setup properly, and archived with that batch. It drives me mad. And if you load a setup up with a missing LUT, it gives you no clue as to what or where that lut was.
I don’t really get what LUTs change over time means.
Please could we at least have a soft import or cache option like we have with footage?

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I have a folder created in /opt/Autodesk/ where I save all my luts: technical luts for conversions, downloaded to complete the ones provided by flame, “artistic” luts, and specifical luts used by project. I keep this folder through re-installations. Luts are not very heavy in size.

However, I find it very inconvenient that at least paths are not saved.

As stated, we do not archive referenced files like LUTs, fonts, etc and the workflow is to place these files in your project folder so they can be part of a project archive and always be found.The setups reference a file location so if you bring back the setup then we point to the file.

Feel free to open a Flame Feedback about this and place the ID here so members of Logik can upvote it.

Perhaps a way to reduce friction here is if imported LUTs were saved like matchbox nodes - embedded in the batch setup files upon adding to the schematic. Then there wouldn’t be a need for the user to manually copy LUTs into a project folder before using them.

I view this as a killer feature of the matchbox system and it would make sense to extend this behavior to LUTs, imho.



Thanks, Matt!
I’ve imported a LUT file into the “Colour Mgmt” Matchbox inside the batch, saved the batch to an archive, and then deleted the LUT file from its source. Restored the batch archive, and bingo, the LUT came back!


That’s a clever workaround! I had forgotten all about the matchbox version of Color Mgmt. Hah!


:clap: :clap: … bravo

Another example on how you can hack your way in Flame :wink: