Auckland Flame meet up?

I have recently discovered members of this fine forum who live in my town, who I have never met. Or I can’t remember meeting. So I though that I would test the water for a Flame meet up in Auckland. No time frame as of yet.

@leowoo @friendlyape @BrentonC @stu @James

There appears to be some obvious names missing from this forum, or their user name is so cunning that they are incognito. Maybe together we can spread the word and make something happen?



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Wicked idea! also keen.

Hey @leowoo :slight_smile:

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We totally need to recruit Puck, Baxter and Freeman.

Greg and Paul from Cause&FX

I think Matt is at Flux. Hannah.

Who else?

Lakshman, Kim Fogelberg if she’s in town, Anita Ward, Leoni.


Dozens! What was the collective noun for a group of Flame artists?

Put the word out!

I guess when we sense some eagerness we need a date and a venue.

Sounds good Richard, we have 4 on the Flame team here @ Images&Sound I’ll inform & I’ll let Simon Deighton know.

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Yup - I’m in!
Looking forward to it

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Sounds good to me!

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Hey this is great.

Hello @SimonD long time no see!

It was a little easier to recruit @vfxandy and @dpmyles since they are in the same building as me at the moment but I appreciate it all the same.

Y’all are inspiring. Here’s an Auckland Group. Congrats @PlaceYourBetts , you are the group owner. You can now mention @Auckland.

Anyone mentioned here us been added to The @Auckland group. Richard you can add anyone else that pops up as well.

Sounds good Rich, name a time and place and I’m sure half of us will be working late!

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Cool. Thanks @randy

I’ll need to read the instructions on this group @Auckland thingy

I’d be keen

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Yay @mike

You see! Cunning user names. Sorry I missed you before.

thanks Richard

Sounds good Rich.


I’m sure we can drag @greg1 down from the north shore for a drink with some old and new friends.