Autodesk’s stand on piracy

Flame essentially is a software and can be installed easily on any system and run illegally without internet turned on.
I’m curious to know what is Autodesk’s stand on fighting piracy ? Have they taken action against any users / company ?

So you’re curious what a 3.5B dollar a year company does when they catch someone breaking the law and stealing their product? Let’s just say they don’t send you a box of chocolates.

To be clear, discussion on how to break the law or links to pirated software or links in how to acquire pirated software will result in a permanent ban.

I’ll allow this Topic to continue but will be watching it very carefully.

Hi @rohankhokar,

I recommend you look at the link below:

It will likely answer your questions about how Autodesk stands about piracy.


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Let’s not forget that large visual effects companies have historically flouted licensing and import/export laws by hosting license servers in one country and running flame in other continents.
Those same companies have equally flexible approaches to human rights and employment law.
So let’s not get too Orwellian about things.
The right approach is to play nice in the playground and avoid the bullies.