Demo Version of Flame?

Hi all - I have a general question about the Flame software - Is the student version of Flame the only non-paying version you can use? I see you can download a 30 day demo - when that expires can you keep downloading it or is it a one and done? I’d like to get for my Mac for just for practical purposes to keep up with on small things but can’t justify paying for a full license right now and obviously I’m not a student either.

I think it’s one and done with the 30 day license.

A good way to keep up is subscribe to FXPHD. You can use a VPN to access a license of Flame. Plus you get all the amazing tutorials!


Any way you could scrounge one up from work? Borrowing licenses is a thing with certain licensing systems, as found here.

I found that a lot of studios have ways of scoring an extra license, like, shoot laptops and that kinda thing. Im wondering if you ask one of your favorite sysadmins if they’d hook you up.


Find a random high schooler and offer them 20 bucks to “borrow” their school email address? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

IMO, Autodesk needs to rethink their demo strategy. Having a time limited trial version of such deep software is just one more barrier for new users…just disable all exporting and let people go at it.

I guess there’s the thought that you have to buy if you want to stay current, but I can’t see that as a big sales driver.

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I completely agree with you Jason.

I agree too…what annoys me it that it costs like $300 to buy Resolve and it (or it was) a lifetime license allowing up to upgrade as new versions come out. I don’t know why Flame can’t have maybe a non-Pro license as well that at least gives you the benefits of most of the tools for not as much money.

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Blackmagic is a hardware company first. Them giving the software away, or selling it cheaply, is a tool they use to get the consumer to buy more BM stuff. Autodesk doesn’t have that option. They HAVE to make their money on the software.

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Good point. People always buy the 10K panels to go along with the Resolve software. My niece is in college so maybe I could use her name ha…I did reach out as Randy suggested to our Company Flame Administrator and he’d look into it so maybe that can work

Yes there’s clearly financial challenges in the software market but the Foundry can give Nuke away for free. Same with Houdini.

But then Flame Learning Channel is a bigger help to newbies than anything the foundry does to help people learn Nuke so :man_shrugging:

(Edited to sound less rude, which was because I was holding a baby as I typed :slightly_smiling_face:)

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Hi All,

The situation of the demo/30-day trial of Flame is an Autodesk companywide policy. All of the products work in this way.

Please feel free to reach out to the wider Autodesk teams but this is something we have no control of.

Hope this helps.



$20??, just buy them a six pack. $9 and you’re set. :wink:

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