Warning will robinson! (and all flamers)

so last night I am in middle of HUGE batch on SB spot with crazy deadline and all of a sudden BAM - flame quits and I get this message box - long story short autodesk does random account checks - freezes your account - audits then puts back online if all good - but you dont know how long that will take - luckily I got on a live chat and had escalated but still I lost work and time and therefore money - I am ok with them checking accounts for bad elements but seriously?? this is NOT the way to win hearts and minds.

so beware

save often


Wow! This is nuts, you would think they would do these checks at hours that are less likely to be working hours. Like 3am.

Where’s the Unlike button? That’s a nightmare. Never ever seen that and hope not to!

Wow! That is crazy! Is your subscription monthly or annual?

annual - and not even close to renew - but they were like “yep we do this - sorry for the inconvenience”

That suuuuuucks. In the olden days flame wouldn’t quit out, it just wouldn’t boot back up if the license fell off. Having it kill the software AS YOU ARE USING IT is madness.

What part of checking the license requires killing the software? Why the “guilty until proven innocent” approach?


EXACTLY! not the way to win hearts and minds of flamers! especially with so much more remote work! tough enough

and what if I couldn’t get thru to a rep - I wonder how long this audit takes?


You can check my account when you authorize my credit card. After that? Leave me alone.


This is really gonna put a kink in my plans to open an office in Pyongyang. (Sorry, Mb…that’s hilariously awful behavior on ADSK’s part!)


sure made me giggle - so 2020

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Wow - this is unbelievable and unacceptable. Glad you got it resolved quickly. But WTF???

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That’s not acceptable when we pay multi thousand dollars on this software.
Autodesk should change their verification method!

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Wow. Not cool at all.

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wow, thats definetely not cool! What if you need to deliver something and then suddenly cant open flame anymore cause you are beign audited?


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Exactly! And it was abrupt! Plus not knowing what happened made it worse as now you worry if things are corrupt - how long is it down - etc - so hopefully at least now you guys are aware and if it happens you know what to do (live chat autodesk and try to escalate the review) OR maybe enough of us complain and they change the process!


Hi Folks, just a note to let you know we saw this thread, and very much sympathize with what must have been a startling, unwarranted, rough license compliance experience. I’m sorry you experienced that, MB. As you can probably imagine - the ‘big’ Autodesk licensing tool is not just for Flame, but we can take feedback on a rough experience and try to improve it. Audits do need to get done, so, how would you envisage the ideal process? Thanks, Will.


1 - let it be known that this happens - I had never known an audit could happen - so confusion AND disruption
2 - schedule a time for the artist so that it doesn’t interrupt a job
3 - heads up emails saying something to the effect of "your audit is scheduled for x day at x time etc so that if there is a conflict that suddenly comes up it can be rescheduled
4 - time estimation of how long the audit will take

thanks for asking!


Is there any documentation or public knowledge about this audit process?

I haven’t looked so not sure - good question

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If this happened to me I’d swear that this was spyware/malware. Ya think if you’ve been doing something for a decade or two you’d know about this.