Automate "copy metadata" on a render node within batch?

Is there a way to automatically take the metadata/timecode from a clip and copy directly into a render node just by connecting it? I normally use the T-click method on the render node, but was hoping for a more automated way of doing this.

Or is there an easy way to copy the timecode on a separate layer within timeline, without having to do each clip manually? Lets say one layer is the original conform and the top layer is the completed comps with zero-ed out timecode.


You can do it with a python script in a couple of ways. You can select a clip and have a script that crests the render node, copy’s the metadata and connects, or you can select a clip and a render node and have the script do the copying and connecting.

I have a script for the first part that I can modify and post here. Give me a bit and I’ll set it up.

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Actually, I was mistaken. I can’t extract the source timecode from the clip via the python API. Or, at least I haven’t figured it out yet. I can give you a script that adds the render node and makes it the duration of the clip.

Sure, I’ll take it. Yea, we just tend to forget the T-click method sometimes, so its more for convenience than necessity. Thanks!

Out of curiosity, are you creating batch groups from the clip in your timeline, or are you creating empty batch groups and dragging the clip in?

Empty batch groups and drag the clips in. We have a publish system we run our comps through once we complete a shot and it goes across all edits. (1.2 KB)

Throw this in /opt/Autodesk/shared/python and then rescan your python hooks or relaunch Flame. Rt-click on a clip in batch and you’ll see this as an option in the popup. Also, you can assign a hotkey to this (just sort the hotkey editor by Hook).

The reason I asked about creating vs dragging…if you assign a shot name to a clip in the timeline with “Rename Shot”, then right click on the clip and select Create Batch Group, you’ll get a batch group with that clip and a render node with all the metadata preset on it. Happy to show you if you haven’t seen that part of the workflow.

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Great, I’ll try that out.

Yea, i was just watching how to do that via the flame learning channel. Seems useful, thanks again

Totally! I use it every single day. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask.

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For the first question…
You can use right click on a timeline segment > Create Batch Group for new comps. Should be towards the top of the right click menu. That would be for new comps. Skips all of the t tapping.

The second part…
By manually, you mean using Desktop > Tools > Copy/Duplicate > Timecode > Source TC?

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Yea I just learned that way of creating batch groups. I’m gonna use that from now on. Thanks!

And yes, thats exactly what i mean, but was just wondering if it could apply to the entire edit with different source TC as one-click, instead of doing each shot one by one.

I wonder if you could use Source Segment Connection to skip the replace edit back into the timeline part? Prob the most tedious part, right?

  1. make sure timeline is on sequence reel
  2. turn on Source Segment connection on comps
  3. match out all comps and plates to their own sequence reels
  4. use Desktop Copy and tap, tap, tap, tap, tap, tap, tap, tap… down the line

The timecode should be considered part of the source. I would think. Not in front a box to try right now to try though.