Burn in Source TC inside batch

I am sure it is a pattern error I have made while creating batches.
Inside Batch, how can I get the source TC that is inside the metadata of the sequence? When I use Burn-in Metadata and add “source time code” it returns the same TC of the batch that starts from 1 and not the provided TC, outside Batch on a timeline, when I repeat the same operation it renders the right TC.
Is there a thing I forgot to do when I created the batch, like start batch frame from source TC or something like this?

The TC in batch is not transferred within the connections.
Have your burn in node active, use “T”+“Left Mouse” on your sourcenode and the burn In node will get the Timecode of the clicked input.

Thanks man, that was the first thing I tried of course, but it didn’t work, until I noticed that I have to use the T after creating the source TC inside Burn, not before or the moment you create the burn-in node

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You can open up the clip by looking at the Timeline tab in Batch (with the clip selected) and then add a Burn-in Metadata as a timeline effect and that picks up the source timecode from there.