New FLAME CAPSULE - Copying metadata in Batch with T+CLICK! - Flame 2021.2.1

Today’s 30 second Flame Capsule shows three quick tips to using a source clip’s metadata in Batch:

  • Duration: With the source clip selected, hold T and click on the clip to set the Batch Duration
  • Render Node: With the Render/Write node selected, hold T and click on a source clip to copy its metadata properties. Using N+Click only copies the name.
  • Generator Node: With a generator node selected, hold T and click on a source clip to set the generator node to the source clip’s resolution.

T+Clicking so many ways in Batch!

Stay safe and enjoy!


In my darker moments I think about putting shock collars on ops who do not do this.

Thanks Grant, for making this. :slight_smile:


It might be worth noting that this is not a new feature exclusive to 2021.2.1

I love these capsules but they are not always showing new features only available in the latest update.

This is not a complaint. I found that I had forgotten how to, alt + space, increase values faster. Thanks @La_Flame