Social media auto-reformat?

My first question on the forum…

Is there in Flame any tool to auto-reformat like PremierePro has? Social media is driving a ton of attention and versioning is exploding so these kind of tools would be great.

Any pointer?

Thanks in advance.

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Nope. And…at least at the levels I work at, clients care enough about social framing to want it done with intent rather than just yeeting it through an automatic tool. We make figuring out all that stuff the offline editor’s job. Well…it’s usually the offline assistant’s job if I’m being honest. Doing it that way also means we can bill for it. $.02!


Most socials I make have completely different title treatments for all the aspect ratios. I also, (sometimes matching an offline, sometimes just doing it on the fly myself) adjust every shot, not just in X position, but scale as well, since I am generally using footage at native rez. There is rarely a one-size-fits-all situation.

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There’s no one button solution for this. The main thing I’ve found is this: Doing a reformat on the sequence can be unpredictable as to how it will treat resizes from the original sequence. So I will make a new blank sequence at the social resolution and then copy/paste the original content into the blank sequence. With “Crop Edges” resize you should see everything as you expect and you can pan-n-scan shots as needed.

On top of all of this… if you are using connected conform… using Reformat will break all of the links between segments. But if you copy/paste like above you can maintain the connections.

There’s a Logik Live episode where I walk through my process: Logik Live Episode 11: Connected Conform with Bryan Bayley - YouTube


Thanks so much Brian, will check the Logic Live Episode.

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Hey hey howdy hi Jordi. As others have stated, the live action framing is the easy part. It’s all the other stuff that goes with it…supers, legals, end cards, subtitles….these aren’t deliverables, these are custom spots where the only thing that IS the same is the live action. So, whilst the Adobe Sensei looks cool, it automates the easiest part of a complex problem.


Very true, I should not treat them as versions but as different spots altogether. Thanks once again.

BTW, we are dropping Hiero and NukeStudio and moving all our vfx editorial work to Flame so you will see me here quite a bit. I hope I don’t ask too many stupid questions.


There are no stupid questions.


Hahah totally. We didn’t create the forums to not ask questions.

We created the Discord for that. :-).

That’s great news!

Perhaps I should share a bit of what we are doing to give you some context, I am sure you will like it.

We have been testing for more than 1 year Flame on AWS and with the very latest version, which arrived 2 months ago or so, we are so happy that we are as we speak adding Flame into our pipeline, integrated fully with NIM (our task management software) and Nuke script generation.

We have been working on the finishing and versioning with flame for almost 2 years, but now we moving all our main compositing pipeline to Flame and having Nuke for the CGI shots.

We are also starting to mix Flame on those shots and I think in time we will be in a position to be able to choose between Flame and Nuke based on the job and specially, the artists doing the project.

So, at this stage, we are full steam ahead on this.

BTW, our RnD and pipeline guys are very impressed with the work done by Autodesk on the python side of things and all the workflows…

Good times ahead.

PS. We are always looking for senior artists so if you are interested in working with us on some cool projects, please DM me, would love to hear from you.



Looking back at that Logik Live from two years ago I can see a few things I would update for 2022. I will try to do a new version of that.

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Updated Connected Conform Logik Live?!?!?!?

Let’s do this.

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Jeff - I know you have some different approaches. Should we do a show where we discuss pros and cons of each?


That sounds like the makings of an excellent episode.


So good to see you here @jordibares !

Please ask us anything!!