Avoiding a catasrophe - fixing XMLs

So one of the grest things with fcp- xmls(from premiere) is that you can open then and mess with them.

I just had a bunch of xmls (75 of them) all containing the same errors:

→ Main camera sony venice did not record any reel name

→ some proxies hat the word _Proxy added to it.

→ A/B/C cam where used over multiple days , so overlapping timecodes everywhere. long takes (30min+) , total of 16TB of footage.

Resolve had a really hard time linking to the correct clips, as “match by file name” is completely broken in resolve, it seems to favour timecode if clipname in the xml is not 100% identical to the clipname you need to match to… ugh!

So then I wrote a quick python tool to change the file ending and naming of all strings matching a certain pattern like one camera would do A004C045_12345abc.mxf and another B004_C004_234567.braw , filenames in the xml where all .mov and _proxy.mov so I changed them all wirh some regex magic thx to chatGPT. and voila - everything conformed one click!

flame had no issues linking to the correct files but timewarps didnt work as we all know so I dragged then through resolve and exported aafs for flame which worked fine.


Please provide me a file so we can have a look at the mess :wink: