Badges (aka how do I platinum this board?)

Every now and again I see that I have earned a badge. Is there a way to see them all so I can platinum the board?


Oh lord.

Click on your picture, then your name, then Summary, then Badges.



As war criminal Donald Rumsfeld once (kind of) said, there are known-knowns, known-unknowns, unknown-knowns and unknown-unknowns.

The things we know
the things we know we don’t know
the things we do not know that we know
and the things we don’t know that we don’t know.

That link is the known knowns. I want the known unknowns: the badges I know must exist but do not know what they are.

The word “known” looks foreign to me after typing that. I’m now reading it as either “clown” or “noun”.

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oh. right. duh. I dunno. lemme look into that.

Okay, this is the best I could do. Sorry it took so long, I looked long and hard for the best possible answer and all I could come up with is this lousy bingo card…I mean picture.

Whoah. That “Crazy in Love” badge would be very time consuming. That’s like Facebook Uncle level of liking posts.

Good to know.

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Well, on your horse then son!

haha. We’ll see. That’s a lot of liking.

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I’m just happy this website stopped calling me “basic”.


You get a badge for flagging a post?

Feel free to flag this.

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Hahaha. Done!

Well technically anyone can get flagged up to 5 times before it keeps them from getting promoted. I haven’t figured out much more than that yet.

Oh shit. Ok maybe don’t feel free to flag. (That sentence feels so Unamerican)


Hahahaha…THANKS @andy_dill, now I have to chose, kinda like that scene where the old knight in the tomb thingy gets to tell Indiana Jones if he’s chosen…wisely…


Right? I didn’t know! I’m sorry if it messes anything up. Feel free to fire a flag back as humorous retaliation.




I hope there is a badge for getting an Official Warning.