Batch/BFX Versioning

Hi all

It is exists versioning with imported/conformed shots using filename or OpenClip utility, but what about make versions for rendered segments/iterations? Is it exists any way to add shot versioning without publish/reimport shot?

For example i have BFX or Batch Setup based shot , it has several iterations. how to add versioning to these shots? it would be quite cool to have smart replaced shot on timeline with versions.
Like we have one shot - actor on chromakey source, but should have several versions with different bkg, and all versions used in edits. so need to have 1 batch setup and 1 segment on timeline, but with ability to choose version .


There are two methods you could use:

Create Batch Group

  1. Place you sequence in a Sequence Reel
  2. Give a shot names to your segments
  3. Use the Create Batch Group function in the Timeline Segment’s contextual menu to create a corresponding Batch Groups in the Desktop.

Smart Replace will be enabled in the Render node and every render you make in Batch will replace the destination segment in the Timeline.

The drawback of that method is that the versions are not available from the Timeline itself. To change versions you will need to check the renders in the “Batch Renders” shelf reel of your Batch Group and selected “Smart Shot Replace” in the clip’s contextual menu.

Open Clip / Pattern Browsing
When you make a Shot Publish you can elect to create Open Clips for your shots. As part of that you can also create Batch Groups. These Batch Groups have a Write File node set up to version the Open Clip so all the new versions you would create will appear in the back_publish clips at the Timeline segment level.

You could also “manually” set up your Write File no achieve the same workflow uing Open Clips or Pattern Browsing.


So seems

  1. No way to do /add versioning to internally generated/rendered shots/segments.
  2. Versions in sence OpenClip and choosing clip version on Timeline (as described in 2022.2 relnotes) - it is not equals to Versions that could be added as Track on timeline . Its confusing really.

I think would be cool to have way to use versioning on any shot/segment/clip , not to imported as OpenClip only.