Shot Versions in Batch/BFX

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just question - i use connected conform and bfx workflow, not using really publishing every time when do nev version of shot, just cannot figure why still unable to simply add “version” token in bfx and batch render? why it exists in OpenClip imported shots only? Or i missed something?
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You can use the iteration number (a number I use to drive the version number in my OpenClip anyways)

No. cannot.
I mean that when shot in edit on timeline - no way to switch version of shot on timeline. also i cannot use iteration token during export

I think that each shot should have version attribute, so you could just could choose which version of shot use on timeline or in export or… whatever. like shot now is a single sequence, but it should be a something like a container with many shots inside, when version number token chooses which version to expose.

So it should be possible to export
on timeline/sequence choose what version of some shot (maybe named version) should be used .
named - it like for example you have same edit, same shot, but with different actors or titling, and just choose ENG/DE/FRA/etc

So sequence will be consists not from shots, but from shots AND particular version of shot(if it defined/exists). so it will remove many errorneous moving various shots (in fact the same shots, but diff version/flavour/etc) here and there
so for example
Sequence (ENG) = Shot01 + Shot02 + Shot03(ENG) + Shot04
Sequence(DE) = Shot01 + Shot02+Shot03(DE) + Shot04
where ENG or DE is a version or named version of shot.

So generally it will mean
Sequence(versionName) = Shot01 + Shot02 + Shot03(versionName) + Shot04

So just switching token in sequence You could choose switching versioned shots to proper version

Just dreaming

Ahh. I see what you mean.

In BFX there is no way for the name of the clip/BFX to carry the name of the iteration/version without manually changing it.

Why can’t you use a token the way you can on rendered clips?

But the version feature is only available to OpenClips because that is the container Autodesk has created to enable this switch to happen.

So it means still no way to use versioning in all shots. its really not good :slight_smile:

in fact not too much sence in such switch when it not available for any shot/clip/sequence