Batch - Input/output toggle & multichannel connections

I know this has been asked for multiple times and I’d love to see it. I’d love to see a way to connect nodes in batch where one link is multichannel, containing all the outputs & layers in a single link.

Possible implementation suggestion. Could there be a hotkey and drop-down option to toggle between the current scenario (Red, Green, Blue outputs for Front, Back & alpha) to a single input/output/both (orange perhaps?) that would contain all the inputs/outputs in a single stream.

Behavior could be automatic in a lot of cases, if you plugged the orange output into a blue input of another node then the alpha channel would automatically be piped into the alpha input. If you plugged into an orange input, it would take the front and alpha (or vector/depth/displacement/etc; maps too) and pipe into that. Maybe there could be some kind of hotkey to be able to toggle which of the contained channels would be assigned to the input in the case of a multichannel clip.

Action could have a way of exploding a single orange input into all the channels within actions media menu. That would be amazing for multi channel exr files.

A MUX node could also act like a multiplexer should, as a break out box to separate all the channels.

I know there have been a few suggestions as to how this could work but man, would it speed up building batches!

I think this is the one to upvote (5 years old):
Batch: Propagate all channels into a single connection.

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Voted for that about 5 years ago!!