Display two different output with a same input node

Hi people,

I’m new in Flame, and I still have troubles to understand some basic logic of the software.
My question is:
I have two different fx nodes and their results. How can I link their two output, in a single input node and have the two effect combine together displayed on my screen ? Is that possible ? I tried with Action and two input node (Crtl C) but I’m only able to switch between them.
I searched on couple forum and found nothing so pardon me if this question has been answered a couple time already.

Thanks !

You can do this with a COMP node. Pipe each pixel spread result into the front and back (red and green) of the COMP node and you can change the blending mode, adjust transparency, and change multiplied/premultiplied for each layer. You can also use a matte for each of these inputs by piping the mattes into the two blue inputs.


I’m not sure if that’s what you mean, I built a preset for the batch to see two inputs side by side.

  • both resize nodes are set to 1920x1080.
  • you can set the action node via the node prefs as shown in the screenshot.

  • set the axes in the action node for the left side to x -960
  • set the axes in the action node for the left side to x 960

I hope this is what you mean.

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Thank you for your answer ! It was very helpful.
Have a nice day

Sorry my explanation was probably not that clear. Bryan got it right, I wanted to blend those two pixel spread node together and display it at the same time on my image.
Thanks for your time anyway :wink:
Take care

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