Embarrassing question, how to separate multi channel clips in Batch?

Hey folks. It’s an embarrassing question for an old op like myself. But what’s the hotkey to separate out the layers of a multi channel clip in Batch? I know there’s a hotkey in Flame (can’t for the life of me remember it!), is there also a hotkey in Classic Smoke mode (which is wot I use)?

Cheers dudes!

I don’t think there was a command to extract everything like the ExplodeFX one, but with “Shift+C”(Smoke) you can change to the bigger node with every layeroutput shown to have them seperate. This will also autotoggle if you want to connect the clip with your node’s arm.
Hope that helps.

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YESSSSSS!!! Thank you, that’s exactly what I needed!!! Aaaaaand relax :slight_smile:

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For maximum searchability this is called Expand / Collapse node and is the same behavior for Multichannel clips and Action nodes and Gmask Tracers.

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Yo @Wispy please don’t feel embarrassed. Just about everyday I read something on the forums and start a reply to some knob or bs question only to realize it was me from 6 months ago.


Also, remember you can turn off which channels are viewable and have connection available in the exr properties on the lower third of the screen. You can literally turn off everything you don’t need.


No idea you could do that, thanks @cnoellert!

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