Batch multiple render nodes

Might be a stupid question - if you have multiple render nodes and hit render it renders all of them frame by frame leading to epilespy for my clients in the room.

If i remeber correctly on my last job i had a script not doing this but rendering render node 1 then node 2 , i might have seen ghosts though, but is there some setting anywhere to do it one by one and not flicker-mc-flicker?

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I have seen both flicker render and node by node, and i havent a clue how you change the behaviour. Thought it was Step Render, but i think that just renders fewer renders so you can do quick tests.

There is a priority slider in the render list. I not sure if it helps but it may worth to try.

I was an impression that if he changed the party Slider and set each renter as a priority, it would render in the order of the party that you sent. Thereby eliminating an epileptic seizure town.

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Render nodes on different branchs, render sequentialy node by node following the priority number . Render nodes in same branch, always render frame by frame in parallel.

Despite all, I´d swear that in old flame versions (15 - 10 years), render nodes rendered sequentialy node by node in all cases. But I couldn’t say for sure.


i am glad its not a clear cut thing I was missing :smiley: hahah

If you switch the preference for Rendering Display in General to “Allow Tearing (faster)” it will bypass the broadcast monitor entirely, so at least you can mitigate the epilepsy somewhat.


I still to this day do not understand the functionality or logic of the “priority” numbers in relation to the order or renders.

Priority is handy when you’ve got seventeen resizes in one batch and want them all to land in the reel in their desired order.

Priority breaks when render nodes share a tree. Flame only processes each node once. Shared nodes will cause the downstream render nodes to share priority and cause the “render flicker shuffle” as they render together.

I can see how it would upset clients, but being the sort of shit that I am, I consider that a feature and not a bug.



Flame is just before its time. This and a couple more iSight cameras and we’ll be light years ahead of the Light Stage…,vid:xujwI4dimDA,st:0

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Right? If you had a really heavy tree with a bunch of social resizes on the end as outputs, would you want Flame to rerender the whole tree for every output? Of course not. You’d want it to do the full-rez render once then loop through all your resizes. Dramatically faster, no?

I think he meant “upsetting clients” is a feature. And I agree :grimacing:


Noted. Not for faster render times but for some clients not seeing the render frame by frame while being in a session :sweat_smile:

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I usually disable broadcast output in view player. Years ago, I turned off the client’s monitor while discreetly coughing.


There was a time, waaaay. back, when you could render with the schematic view up, pretty sure it was quicker too.

“Discreetly”……I see what you did there :wink: :laughing: