New FLAME CAPSULE - Rendering out of the Sequence with Render Range - Flame 2022.3

Hi All,

Today’s 30 second Flame Capsule covers the different options for caching data passes to be used for a variety of tasks including machine learning functions.

Normally when rendering a node based composite in a BatchFX within the sequence, the BFX output node renders the result of the BatchFX to the segment in sequence. This means that the renders all stay with the sequence wherever it goes.

However there are some instances where you would like to render your sequence’s BatchFX to a reel in the Media Panel. This is outside of the sequence and the BFX Output node and usual render button do not do this. As an alternative, you would use a render node from the I/O bin, and the “Render Range” button within the render menus to generate a new clip outside of the sequence. You can have it your way in Flame!

This functionality is not new to Flame 2022.3

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I’ve always wanted this. Thanks, team!