Batch renders

I’ve noticed that since updating to 2023, whenever I recall a setup, my render nodes, which I specifically change to a schematic reel I call RENDERS, pretty much always default back to Batch Renders.
Anyone else seen this?
It would be cool if this could be set as a preference.

No offense here, but it seems you are always upgrading to a version 1-1.5 years old. So many little annoyances get fixed along the way. I understand that sometimes it is preferred to keep existing projects on the version they were started, but when upgrading, why not go to current?

Simple. For one, we are in the middle of 3 projects. 2, that would involve an OS upgrade, 3, I personally don’t like to be on the latest and greatest as there are usually many bugs to be ironed out.
There are many places that are still on2021 / 2022, so I don’t think it’s an issue being on 2023.

Weird. These days, after update to 2024.1 I have been realizing such bug. I set intermediate render nodes to an specific schematic reel and they come back to generic batch render after reload the desktop and open again the batch. That’s new to me in 2024. :man_shrugging:

I do not understand this comment. 2021 and 2022 were the releases with defects when you were on 2018 / 2019 but you end up updating to these rather than to the latest which have the fixes to these defects. Each releases have its lot of fixes and new defects. The bugs that are currently in 2023 will still be there when you will update in 2 years.

Also, please report the issue to support and we will fix it if it can be reproduced.


This is why EVERYONE should use a separate Project/S+W Server. In this paradigm, workstations become dumb compute nodes and OS upgrades like this are just an hour or two of downtime, not some cataclysmic fear event.


I’ve nearly always felt the same way as Paul, and can’t remember ever a time where there was this much enthusiasm to upgrade to the latest version 2024.1 so there must be something right about doing this move…?, I may make the jump over the weekend,… fingers crossed,… also 20% into a project,…

One of my first concerns is my paint nodes, … will they convert ok,…?.

The new version has a way better resize node and you can select multiple strokes in paint.

It’s fucking great.


What happens when you need to upgrade the OS on the Project server? Seems like a lot less overall work because you’d just be upgrading one machine instead of several, but that it would still involve a little cataclysmic fear.

Running Project/S+W server virtualized in LXC container results in virtually no OS upgrades since LXC is so very light weight. You could even Docker-ize it and be essentially OS free. And virtualized you can create Snapshots, so even if you total bork things, just 1 click Restore and you are back to valid.

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